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Anti-racist practice in children’s safeguarding

These resources aim to promote and support anti-racist practice in children’s safeguarding. 

As with all the check your thinking materials, these resources have been developed in partnership and are aimed at carers, practitioners and professionals. They invite you to check your thinking about racism, stereotypes and racist assumptions, what it means to be anti-racist, and to help you to think about what you can do as your commitment to change and promote this approach.

'Check your thinking' card set

What is your understanding of racism?

How does racism directly or indirectly impact the children, young people and families you support?

What does it mean to be anti-racist?

What actions can you commit to doing now? 

This set of A5 cards have been developed to help you to think about race and racism and anti-racism. They aim to promote an anti-racist approach in your practice that can equip you to respond supportively, proportionately and in the best interests of children, young people and families. 

Anti-racist practice in children’s safeguarding

What is your understanding of racism? How can you reflect your personal commitment to anti-racism practice in your everyday life? This short video invites you to check your thinking about your common sense views and assumptions, and to reflect on what things you can do to adopt an anti-racist approach, both in safeguarding and in your everyday life. 

Further guidance

For further reading and guidance you can download this additional resource.  

About the materials

These materials were developed by Jahnine Davis from Listen Up and Dr Sophie Hallett from Cardiff University. The work was funded by the Welsh Government and was supported by the following individuals who formed our stakeholder group:

  • Abyd Quinn-Aziz: Cardiff University
  • Esyllt Crozier: Social Care Wales
  • Fateha Ahmed and Rocio Cifuentes: EYST
  • Millie Kerr: Brighton and Hove
  • Mutale and Sam Samsunear – Bawso
  • Sarah Austin: Social Services and Integration
  • Siobhan Parry: Platform
  • Rhiannon Jones and Trudy Aspinwall: TGP Cymru
  • Sam Clutton: Welsh Government