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Cards and Posters

The following resources have been developed from the ‘Keeping Safe?’ research project.

They are aimed at carers, practitioners and professionals. They are a way of sharing key messages from the research, to get people to think about how young people experience safeguarding, support and approaches to responding to exploitation, other abuse and harm. They also share messages from carers and a range of professionals about the challenges and dilemmas involved in safeguarding, including the challenges that may be linked to the wider practice context and culture.

(If you’d like these materials in hard copy, just contact us.) 

'Check your thinking' card set

What are your thoughts about some of the key issues in safeguarding young people?

This set of 10 A5 cards is a way of sharing core findings and key messages from the research, aimed to help you ‘check your thinking’ about these issues. These compliment the video resources and they have been designed for use as a reflective/discussion tool for carers, practitioners and professionals working with children and young people.

You can use them in pairs, teams or small groups, to facilitate discussion and shared learning, but they can also be used individually. There is a card giving some guidance and suggestions for questions to provoke reflection and discussion.

Key Messages

What might some of the key ‘risk indicators’ be for sexual exploitation?

What do young people say helps them? Are there problems with risk-based responses?

What are the better ways of working with colleagues and young people?

This set of bilingual postcards has been designed to share key messages from the research through illustrations and short messages aimed at carers, practitioners and professionals working with children and young people.

They are designed to be shared in places where people might pick them up, pin them on a board or post them on wall. They support the ethos of ‘checking your thinking’ about safeguarding practice with young people.

Risk Journey

How might a focus on risk in safeguarding feel for young people?

This poster is designed as an A1 or A2 poster. It relays the messages from research with young people, about what a sole focus on risk in adolescent safeguarding can feel like and the problems that can come with this focus in practice.

Screenshot 2021-03-24 at 23.58.11

Keeping safe systems poster

If everyone agrees with what should be done and with how best to safeguard and support young people, why is that so hard to put into practice…?

This poster is designed as an A1 or A2 poster. It presents the key overarching messages from the research, provoking thinking about some of the differences that come with a system focussed on risk and which is risk averse, vs a system directed by a focus on well-being and ‘best interests’.

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